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I heart IKN readership

I get so much feedback and megasmart mails from you guys out there these days that it’s hard to keep up. I just want to say an official “thank you” and also please keep sending them in. I try to answer them all, pretty promise, but sometimes a few that need answering do get missed. My excuse is forgetfulness, not ignorance.

As an example of the stuff I get, check out this mail today from regular reader ‘MP’, then see underneath the relevant excerpt from the news release he sent in (his bold type). Enjoy.

Great Name!

Isn’t that just a great name for an ore/mineralization zone? This is a legit company, but if some of the Vancouver scammers had even an ounce of honesty, we would hear this name used more often on some of their projects…


…The program scope involves 3,000 metres of drilling in about 25 drill holes. Drilling will focus on the Middle Finger Lake zone (MFLZ) and provide preliminary drill testing of the Bonanza zone. Drilling should be completed prior to Christmas…..

full NR here

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