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I want a job at The Motley Dumbass pumping Great Panther Silver (GPR.to) (GPL) too…

…because over there, you get the Never Wrong fairydust sprinkled all over you.
We’ve been laughing at the incessant pumping of Great Panther Silver (GPR.to) (GPL) by The Motley Dumbass all year and, lo and behold, it’s a helluvalot lower now than when 2011 began. However, the Foolish Ones have now slipped smoothly into “yeah, but just wait til 2012!!!!!!!!” mode on their pisspoor reco, as seen in this note today.
The article is in itself slightly revelatory because we finally…after all this time…get some sort of admission by the shameless pumpers that 2011 didn’t turn out quite the way expected. This was because TMF decided to parrot the crap spewed out by GPR management about the low cash cost (proven false) and superduper production forecasts (also blown out the water) offered up at the beginning of the year. but that doesn’t stop the bullshit and sleight of hand from continuing unabated. We note, for example, that the Motley Dumbass line nowadays is “Well, it’s not GPR’s fault, cos it was bad for the whole sector“, as we quote:

“But it’s been a difficult year for a number of silver and gold miners; even Coeur D’Alene Mines (NYSE: CDE) which has held up reasonably well, is still trading lower now than where it started the year.”

Whereas this chart shows the reality:

Yes indeed, direct peers comparisons of small silver producers see plenty of them doing much better than GPR and returning a net profit to investment during 2011. And even the one that The Fools decide to use as in the article does much better than GPR because their favoured BS vehicle has lost a cool 30% on the year. But course TMF has never worried about facts getting in the way of a good pump-job.
So if you’re looking for decent, level-headed advice on silver stocks, steer yourself a thousand miles clear of The Motley Dumbass because over there, all you need to do is find yourself a decent lie and just keep pumping on it. Your bosses will never notice, either. So if there are any jobs going over there I’d appreciate the heads up, because there must be easier ways of making a living as an equities analyst but right now, I can’t think of any.
PS: Yes, GPL is the same stock pumped non-stop by arch scumbag Thom Calandra and hired by GPL to do so, understandably
PPS: Yes, GPL is the same company that tries legalistic bullyboy schemes to try and stop facts from coming to light about its operations. And by the way, since standing up to the bullies we still haven’t heard a peep out of them…missing ya already, Kaare 🙂

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