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I will never read Michael “Mish” Shedlock again

He’s been going tinfoil for quite a while, but today’s post in which he tries to pass off a one month old Youtube as a video of the shooting down of MH17, along with conjecture that the plane (which is obviously not MH17) was under control as it dived, is nauseating. 
Be clear: The wreckage was scattering over 15km, the plane broke up either instantly or near-instantly, the people on board would not have suffered which is just about the only small mercy available for their loved ones. Shedlock wants them to believe otherwise, for the sake of some hits on his blog. What a piece of shit.
No, I’m not linking to his site. Find it yourself if you must, but the Youtube he features in his post entitled “Video of MH17 being Hit by Missile” (which I repeat is NOT MH17) is here.

UPDATE: Iwnattos agrees and adds more to the mix as well. Thank you, Iwnattos.

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