Take physic, pomp

I wondered where he was

Guillermo Parras-Bernal* was a Bloomberg journalist I used to speak with (or spar with depending on the subject) quite regularly in my real job, but then kinda suddenly he kinda disappeared on me….kinda. Well the good news (for me at least) is that he’s suddenly resurfaced as a blogger.

This is good news for you too, methinks. GPB is a smart watcher of LatAm affairs and his English language blog is well worth your time. As from today it’s on the links list over there on the right. Any of you that don’t just come for the snarky gossip and really do want to know more about what’s going on down here would be wise to add his blog to your list.

Here’s the link to his blog, named Market Memorandum. Use it. In fact, why are you still here at my cheesy blog? Go on………….go…………………….now.

*crazy name, crazy guy

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