Win us with honest trifles

If I were writing the script for Mako Mining (MKO.v)…

…at some point in the story I’d introduce a new character. A financial figure who knows all the angles, whip-smart with numbers but corrupted by the mining industry decades ago. I’d give him a CV which includes working for previous rip-offs and financial train wrecks and I’d insert him in a specific place in the corporate hierarchy, located in Nicaragua and responsible for all the accounting and financial reporting from the operating mine, but not a CFO. This person would report directly to the CFO, instead.

In fact, that’s not true. There’s no way I could have thought up this angle on my own, the truth of MKO will always be more nefarious than any fiction one can imagine. So instead let’s keep this post real with a hearty “Aloha, Paul Stephens!” Hey Paul, you’re getting a feeling of how stupid you’ve been yet? I mean, if you were a prospective investor of Mako Mining instead of an embedded and entrenched one too scared to make the right decision, and they told you about their current financial reporting structure, would you invest? How many red flags do you need, Paul? You, sir, are the frog that was sat in cold water and then the temperature was increased slowly. You didn’t see the obvious at every single stage and you’re gong to pretend it doesn’t exist this time, too. And you know exactly what I’m talking about here, Paul. Stupid, stupid, stupid.


    Whoa ! Is Mako crooked ? I recall another sketchy junior Colossus Minerals in who took investors for a ride.


    Hey anyone remember Colossus Minerals in Brazil. An Allan Sussman scam ? MKO smells the same. Unimaginable grades in a shithole country hawked by a sweet talking serial con. I especially like when the money men talk geo.


      Colossus Minerals was my first & hopefully only bagholding experience in the junior sector. I won’t invest in anything with Sussman’s name on it.


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