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If you haven’t read “How Does This End?” by Christopher Chivvis yet…

…this desk strongly suggests you do so. Here’s the link and while offering one extract does his op-ed little justice, you get this to whet the appetite:

“…if we boil it down, there are really only two paths toward ending the war: one, continued escalation, potentially across the nuclear threshold; the other, a bitter peace imposed on a defeated Ukraine that will be extremely hard for the United States and many European allies to swallow.”

Here’s the link again, not exactly pleasant reading but certainly essential context. It’s notable how the repeated phrase in the piece “…across the nuclear threshold” sounds so plain and surgical. And the link does not take you to some Twitter Guru or madcap sidebar website, instead:

Christopher S. Chivvis is the director of the American Statecraft Program at the Carnegie Endowment.


    I agree. In the latter case, we will probably proceed with some kind of recession and correction in price of almost everything, including Gold, and the cycle after that will get it to all time high


      Essentials will revalue and stay high, but yes. No matter which route this all takes, anyone thinking of selling their Rolex on the secondary market would be wise to do it sooner, rather than later.


    The Kremlin has announced its demands for ending the war in Ukraine:
    -Ukraine must change its constitution to guarantee it won’t join any “blocs”, i.e. NATO + EU.
    -Must recognise Crimea as part of Russia.
    -Must recognise the eastern separatist regions as independent.
    Not that difficult after all…
    PS Same demands as before the war…which were ignored


    Yesterday we’re all geniuses.

    Today we’re all dumbasses

    Let’s see what tomorrow have for us…


    Or 3) embarrassing defeat of Russia along with the fall of Putin


    We all know the Media is nothing but lies but they tell the truth about Russia and Putin.Putin is a statesmen!The “BIG Guy” yes Joe Biden is trash.


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