saucy doubts and fears

If you needed proof that Brazil Resources (BRI.v) is a total bullshit scam from start to finish…

…check out the latest pumpjob, put together by one  of the Porter Stansberry scumbags, Frank Curzio, right here on this link. Specifically designed for people with an IQ of 80 or less, the debate on what the highlight of this long exercise in scamming has been intense:
  • Is it the framing of Titiribi as economic?
  • Is it calling the mystery CEO “Adam” (now…seriously…that’s funny)
  • Is it the U$3,000 discounted price for joining now, saving you U$2,000 from the normal price?
Let us be clear: Brazil Resources (BRI.v) has always been a stock pump, its worthless “assets” (term used loosely) promoted from its inception by a whole litany of paid-pumpers. But this new pump job removes all doubt, a stock for morons only.

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