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IKN: 2021 review and New Year’s resolution for 2022

2021: Mostly harmless.

2022: Encourage good people to do good things, attempt to stop bad people from doing bad things.


    Mark, I applaud your 2022 resolution. This business is loaded with assholes and a liberal sprinkling of blatant crooks. We run a small merchant bank and I see my fair share of both.
    Happy New Year to you and keep up the good work.


    Look forward to your sometimes controversial comments. Don’t always agree but that’s why there is a bid and an ask
    Keep up the different views but perhaps with little less of the sometimes character assignations


      Bad people come equipped with names to make them easier for others to identify. It’s also useful to note what they do. Reporting on someone’s bad character isn’t assignation, it’s shining light on the self-condemned.


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