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IKN ad revenues update

We haven’t done one of these posts for quite a while and I know a few of you are interested in the subject, plus there’s been a sea-change in the cash brought in by the Google adverts on this blog and things are different from the last time we made mention, so here goes:
Last month (June 2016) revenues from the little adverts you see on these pages reached U$260.30, which is the best number since 2011. That’s also a big change from the middle of last year when , for reasons unknown, revenues slumped to under $100/month on a couple of occasions. 
I don’t know the exact reasons for he improvement in earnings, but I think it’s because of 1) more viewers of the blog (there’s been a big uptick in viewing figures in 2016) and 2) Google getting its act together on mobile device adverts and scoring more revenue from hand-held screens. The interesting bit is the second one, because that would make GOOG the stock a decent buy coming into earnings season if this small and completely anecdotal example is emulated across the market.
And finally, there’s no need to write in and mock, I know $100 or $200 a month is hardly a king’s ransom and not the kind of cash that changes anyone’s life. But it’s enough to pay household bills, it feels like ‘free money’ this end and I’m enough of a numbernerd to care about datasets. Which is why I bother.

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