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IKN calls silver correctly again

The house model on silver has predicted its movements well for years and the IKN track record on the metal is better than any of the so-called specialist sites, proven once again by correctly identifying last week’s obvious pump for what it was, not the daft silversqueeze nonsense promoted by self-serving scumbags to the dumb greedy idiots.

More broadly, if you want to win at mining stocks you too should get into the habit of laughing hard at the silverbugs and their financial fantasy world. The last few days have given you plenty of evidence that real money ignores these greenhorns, ignore it at your peril.


    Nikko Montreal Ouest 03/02/21 1:18 pm

    Cmon seriously? its exactly where it was before the pump started. And thats 26.75 spot price. I will remind you that silver has moved much more than gold price in 2020. Personally I prefer platinum out of the 3 right now.


      Have i ever claimed to bat 1.0? Meanwhile, look back to how this desk explained why silver wasn’t about to go to 15/1 as Keif claimed sans cesse 2013 onward.

      If you want a serious exchange about silver, we can have one. If you want to beat me up on a bad call don’t stop at silver man, i’ll offer up a few other topics and names if that’s the fetish.

        Nikko Montreal Ouest 03/02/21 1:37 pm

        Im not beating anyone up on any call as I have been wrong many times. I have zero respect for Keith as he a pure pumper and his company has never made a dime in profits. I agree that the silver guys are nuts, but you cannot say that silver cannot do well as with good miners. I own only Polymetal in the space and it has done amazingly well for me while paying great dividends. And I do think silver is going to 50 ( not at all a silver bug )


    I must strongly disagree with you. They sold over a year’s supply of silver 4 days in a row on the Comex with in one day a 1 1/2 year suppy. It is all obviously paper silver. The last 3 days had over 114 million shares of the SLV sold, which from what I understand is massive. Silver sales in the physical world are still through the roof.


      I bought jan 28 and sold feb. 1 20% higher with leverage 2 so what;s your point ? silver increased more than gold this year. 🙂 🙂
      you shouldn’t just highlight the examples that are bad for silver. be honest. you have a disdainful view of your readers. we are not dumboos. you are not god.


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