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IKN Exclusive: Osama Bin Laden Seeks Political Asylum in Peru

As Borev noted today, Peru has fast become the international safe haven of every scumbag delinquent who squeals “Hey, Political NotFair!!” and hightails it over to the land of ceviche and purple corn. Borev dixit:
Way to go, Peru. Your generous asylum policy extends to, let’s see, Venezuelan coup conspirators, embezzlement scam artists, and now a Bolivian minister “charged with genocide in the 2003 killing of dozens of protesters,” yikes.
But tonight, IKN can EXCLUSIVELY REVEAL that Osama Bin Laden has slipped over the border into Peru and is spending the night at Machu Picchu on his way to Lima to claim asylum from (and I quote the BinMan) “All those nasty men who keep following me. Allah be praised.”
Judging by the recent record of the Twobreakfasts government, it seems as though he’s set fair for a quiet life by the seaside now.

Freedom fries served.

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