Take physic, pomp

IKN heart Jeffrey M. Christian

Somebody has to stand up to those knownothings, charlatans and bullies at GATA. You go Jeff.

“GATA represents itself to its followers as experts when they clearly are not. They prey on the lack of knowledge and fear of investors who have not studied the markets as well as they should have. The solution to that problem is investor education, not lies. All that the reckless pursuit of conspiracy theories do is distract investors from the much more important agenda of understanding the gold bullion marketplace and the fundamentals that drive the price of gold.”

The full and most excellent GATA smackdown is right here. I’m sure Jeffrey M. Christian will agree when I say, “DYODD, dude“.

UPDATE: A reader writes in with this:

Did you catch the Christian vs. Murphy “debate” on FSN last week?

Link here

I say “debate” because Christian ate Murphy alive.

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