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IKN is keen that you understand just why Honduras as a country is totally fucked and will continue to be so forever

On November 24th this year, Honduras gets to choose a new President (and congress) and here’s a quote from over the weekend from one of the candidates for The Big Job, TV personality Salvador Nasralla. Quote from here (translated):

The Presidential candidate for the Partido Anticorrupción (Pac) (The Anticorruption Party), Salvador Nasralla, considers himself  “a messenger of God” to “save Honduras”.

He said, “I am a messenger of God. God has a purpose for every human that is born and God’s mission for Salvador Nasralla is to be President in order to choose honest, God-fearing people to make the changes that the country needs.”

And this isn’t some sort of fringe candidate either, kind reader of IKN. This dude is currently running second in the polls at 21%, behind front-running Xiomara Castro (at 28%). And as she’s wife of the deposed Mel Zelaya (remember that one?), there’s no guarantee she makes it to November in the lead.
Totally, totally fucked forever. Mind you that’s how the North likes its Banana Republics, is it not?

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