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IKN is long Minefinders (MFN) (MFL.to): Read the report here and find out why

This humble corner of cyberspace has been pretty hard on junior gold company Minefinders (MFN) (MFL.to), ripping into it and all its permabull followers on a regular basis due to its silly habit of over-promising on guidance and forecasts of a ShinyHappyPeople future, only to disappoint time and again (link thru here to see all the posts we’ve run on MFN over time, if reminders are necessary).

So why are we now long the stock?
Well in fact we’ve been long ever since November 3rd when a Flash update was sent out to subscribers recommending MFN as a buy. We followed up with a fundamental report in The IKN Weekly, issue 79 (six weeks ago now) that laid out the case for the buy. So let’s see how the stock has performed since then:
Right now the stock is U$11.72 up 37.9% from the original call (and made a new 52 week high today), though because The IKN Weekly didn’t take its position until after the report on November 7th, our own position is 28.9% up. But no matter, because according to our target price (which you can see in the report below) there’s still plenty more in the tank. So if you’re interested in what your humble scribe thinks MFN can still do for you (even though the best prices have gone, there’s plenty upside left to our 12 month target) you can read, free gratis and for nothing, the IKN Weekly fundamental report published on November 7th that subscribers read at the time by clicking here and downloading it. 
DYODD, dude.

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