Take physic, pomp

IKN is now officially under the skin of Jew Hater Bob Moriarty

This is a good thing. IP info tells this desk that Bob Jew Hater Moriarty spent three hours on the IKN site this morning, dredging up the bad calls made by this humble corner of cyberspace. And he managed to find one, too! Well done Bob, let us now quote your words on the backwater chatroom you chose to fill up your empty day.

And you called me a name! Dr. Pimple Popper! Man, you know how to lay on the personal insults! Funny how you stopped calling me a wife beater the moment your bullyboy bullshit and criminal lies were thrown back in your face. Bullies are like that, they feel the need, but notice that these days I don’t get accused of something worthy of a decade in jail, instead it’s about pimples…oh you brave man Bob. And Eskay! Seriously, you cannot do any better than pick a stock I’ve never even traded once in my life? Try talking about the stocks I do own instead, dumber than dumb.

Thing is, dumb bigot Bob, serious people know what a successful investor needs to do in the junior sector, but you are not that person. Your brain is so slow, it decides it hates people it has never met merely due to their parentage. So you keep vending your 100% success record to the sheep, they are your audience, not real people. However, Bob, don’t expect the same type of obsessive interest in your track record or picks from me. It’s not that 2021 wouldn’t be long enough, it’s that I simply do not care.


    Hey Bob, why not leave a comment here under this post, accusing me of domestic violence? You don’t have the guts, bullyboy.


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