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IKN predicts the next steps in the Animas Resources (ANI.v) takeover business stuff thingy

Business stuffy thingy 1) In late November Animas (ANI.v) receives a bid for its main property from GoGold. Nobody cares, share price doesn’t budge.
Business stuffy thingy 2) Marlin Gold (MLN.v) make a competing offer, Gogold matches it, Animas tries to push through with GoGold deal. Share price still doesn’t move off 4c because it’s just another shitty Canadian deal.
Business stuffy thingy 3) Marlin, feeling all ignored and left, goes hostile and bids 10c cash. That’s where we are today, folks.
Business stuffy thingy 4) And so to the prediction: ANI management will try to make out that the GoGold deal is still a better one than the Marlin Gold one, even though the ANI.v share price didn’t move an inch under GoGold’s offer but will near double today once the trading halt is lifted under the new hostile bid. That’s because Animas management are utter twats that give way more of a fuck about keeping their sweet little paychecks flowing than they do about their shareholders. Because that’s how the junior mining biz works, it’s run by selfish assholes and its main objective is to build mines do deals and add value, it’s to continuously rape the people who give them money.

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