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IKN Recommends: “Bitcoin: The Future Of Money?” by Dominic Frisby

I’ve just finished reading Dominic Frisby’s latest book “Bitcoin: The Future Of Money?” and much to my own surprise, found it an excellent read. 
But that’s not all, because I’d only just started reading it too. A little explanation is in order, because on September 25th Frisby (who’s a nice man) sent me a free e-book copy of his book for me to read, enjoy, review etc. I downloaded it onto the Kindle and promptly ignored it until early last week. Then, while wanting a bit of a rest after getting through the first part of War and Peace, I was flicking through the e-book menu and came across the title looking back at me; feeling slightly guilty for not having opened it to that moment it was, “Ok, let’s give it a bash and see how long I can handle all the cyberlove jabber and electrocoin worship” and started reading.
After a few pages I suspected my prejudices were misplaced, after a couple of chapters I knew they were. Not only is it an excellent read for its information content but it’s done in a straightforward, entertaining and humourous style, with easily digestible prose that makes great narrative. And as for the content, the whole Bitcoin “thing” suddenly makes a lot more sense to this cyberknownothing. Then you get this whole sleuthing chapter on the person who invented Bitcoin (good armchair detective stuff from Frisby). As for the final bonus, not only is Frisby less evangelical than I thought he’d be, he’s also very real world about the investment and speculative potential (or lack of) that the vast majority of this sector has to offer. His advice on what to do about Bitcoin now really hit the spot as far as I’m concerned.
Anyway, this is an unsolicited testimonial going out the the readers of IKN (and one that’ll surprise Frisby, because I’m sure he gave up hope of ever getting a review out of me weeks and months ago): If you’re looking for a great gift idea this Christmas for the biz-type person who thinks they have everything but knows nothing about Bitcoin (or it seems equally as important “cryptocoins” or plain “crypto”) this is the book for you. And check it out on Amazon here (no, I’m not on commish) because the e-book version is going cheap at $4.
“Bitcoin: The Future Of Money?” by Dominic Frisby. A good read.

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