Thy sin’s not accidental

IKN recommends: Fixing The Economists

So last night I got sent a link to a note entitled ‘The Deleuzian Philosophy of Julian Assange’ that only  got clicked on because it was sent by a pal, avoiding as I do most of the Wikileaks stuff’n’nonsense (except those leaks that pass our criteria of 1) LatAm and 2) fun).
But click on the above I did and it turned out to be well worth the trouble, firstly because the excellent and perceptive post from author Phil Pinkington woke up a rusty corner of my brain that had been asleep for about 15 years. Secondly because the whole site, Fixing The Economists, is a well-written, witty and intelligent source of brainfood (e.g. anyone that uses Spinal Tap references while talking about the Irish economic situation is automatically good in my book).
It’s not LatAm, it is economics, it’s also fully recommended reading. So go see for yourself.

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