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IKN recommends Green Laser Reviews

This humble corner of cyberspace is all for people who want to clean up the dirty scammy world of stock market rip-offs and the scumbags who run them, so today we give a hearty cheer and recommend to Green Laser Reviews.
Green Laser Reviews is run by Christoph Amberger, a guy we stumbled onto when featuring the BS pump ran by Porter Stansberry on Nautilus Mining (NUS.to) back in July. Amberger ran his own note on the NUS story and showed his two decades worth of smarts on the subject for all to see as he made a whole series of insightful observations on how these promos work.
So today I get a nice mail from Amberger, saying that partly due to the interest generated in his angle of the exposure he started Green Laser Reviews. Here’s a bit of blurb from his website that explains things well.

Green Laser Reviews spends its limited resources on reviewing and analyzing promotions for newsletters and trading services that stand out. Either by the audacity of their claims, the sloppiness of their thinking, the number of misleading “facts,” or the pure, unadulterated chutzpah of their creators.
“Naturally, that skews our samples toward those of a slightly shady nature: Well-researched, well-argued, clean, and fact-checked promos don’t require critical review… as they already underwent it in their creation!
“Accordingly, we only include publishers in our ratings whose publications we’ve reviewed, or whose themes, leads, or teasers we found to be incredible. Of course, this skews our pool of candidates somewhat to the whacky and wild. But it doesn’t mean that ALL their promotional output is fraudulent, or that their newsletter products are bad. Just that they have a tendency to play it fast and lose on the promo side…”

So on checking out his site (free, easy, well written, plenty of lights shone at the stock promo cockroaches)  I’m keen that others get to read his work, too. So, dudettes and dudes, get smart and make Green Laser Reviews part of your interwebnetpipes life, because it’s another 100% free resource that will help you avoid the scamsters and scumballs out there. Do like me and put it on your RSS, or bookmark it or just use the link now found permanently on IKN over there on the right.

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