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IKN Recommends: King One Eye

King One Eye is a new-ish blog run by one Sean Brodrick, a natural resources analyst who’s been on the scene for as long as I can remember. Its site description is “Charts and analysis of gold & silver, other metals, energy, and commodities of all types”* so it’s very much a technical analysis/charty type of place. Now, that as you may know isn’t the preferred method of market anal ysis for your humble scribe BUT I am at least trying to understand them and I do pay far more attention to those people who use charts as a starting point for arguments, rather than using them as a facile form of conclusion. 
That’s where Brodrick comes in; he’s better than the herd, therefore I’m recommending King One Eye to you, because it’s been more than worth my while reading it in the last few weeks and those of a charting ilk will really enjoy the blog too. Go read.

*making elegant use of an Oxford comma as well, which wins bonus points

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