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IKN recommends: The Angry Geologist

The Angry Geologist is a new blog set up by somebody known to your humble scribe, which makes it much easier to recommend to you even in its early days because I know the author has a serious geol brain. As for the objective of his blog, here’s a part of the first post that lays it out:
“I want to use this blog as a forum to help pull away the layers of BS
that junior exploration companies use to massage the data they put in
press releases from their projects to ‘maximize’ the impact of this
information on drawing in retail investors into buying their shares.

“I will be presenting a series if opinions on exploration stage project,
using all available data on them to try and present them in a way that
can be easily understood by people that don’t have degrees in geology
and mining engineering.”
Go over and check out The Angry Geologist blog yourself for more. There’s already a geologist’s look at the Orex Minerals (REX.v) Sandra Escobar project and hot new discovery to get your teeth into, among other things.

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