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IKN Recommends: Tuerto

Here’s the link to Tuerto, a brand new English language site/magazine that covers all sorts of interesting issues about Latin America, South America and what-have you. It’s run by two pro journalists who have decided to do something about the lack of depth in English language reporting of the region, so expect intelligence and insight all the way through (apart from your humble scribe’s very recent guest post, that is).
Anyway, go read Tuerto, it’s right here and while you’re at it, leave them a comment or join their twitter account or send them a mail…or all three. The site is still getting its design act together and the guys say that layout will improve (feel free to offer suggestions on that too before it’s too late) but it’s more than acceptable already. However the real thing is the content; Content is king and they have that down pat all right.

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