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IKN salutes Marin Katusa and the new air of accountability sweeping through Casey Research

We at IKN Nerve Centre™ are pleased that, after some (ahem) gentle nudging Casey Research has decided to be more accountable to the people that pay them good money. This was noted yesterday in the Casey publication which explained to their readers for the very first time that Top Level (or whatever they called their premium service) gets stock recos before the proletariat (or whatever the lower rungs are labelled) and that the people working at the company do indeed make important sums of money via finder’s fees on companies it’s recommending (for example, the recent one at $1.16 $1.40 on Bayfield Ventures (BYV.v) that saw insiders selling stock the very same moment...BYV is currently trading at 90c….oops).
As for their stupid and erroneous attacks on this humble corner of cyberspace, we can live with that. Comes with the territory and all part of trying to clean up this scam-ridden Vancouver junior world in which we live and trade. Mind you, I kinda laughed when you guys simply make shit up about this humble scribe, such as the total lie told about me calling BYV.v a “worthless company”, but I wouldn’t expect important people like Casey Research to apologize for being proven bullshit liars anyway…so let it slide, dudes.
But we digress, let’s to the point! Now that Marin&Co are getting a taste for accountability and dealing transparency at long long last, wouldn’t it be great if they didn’t just stop at BYV and told their clientele (and not just via the obscure Reg F filings which only get read by wonks such as I) exactly what else the band of merry men have been up to over at Casey this year. So IKN calls upon Marin Katusa to keep up the good work and:
  • Tell subscribers of Casey Research just how much in the way of finder’s fees the Casey mob has made from placements run by companies reco’d by Casey Research in, let’s say to be brief, the last 12 months.. I mean, I could wade through the whole public filings myself but it’s boring, tedious and frankly I’ve better things to do with my life than rake through all that Casey muck.
  • Inform the “regular” subscribers list just how many times they’ve been frontrun by a “premium” list that gets the advantageous intel first. After all, this may turn out to be good marketing, Caseyboyz…you might get more people on the expensive list once it’s all done and dusted.
So come on Marin, don’t stop now! At long last you’re showing a bit of honesty and transparency in the financial dealings that go on behind the backs of your subscribers, so this is a great opportunity to open up, clean up and start getting rid of that scummy reputation you’ve picked up over the years…amongst the pro community i mean, not the retailers. After all, you’d hardly want people to start using the word “scam” next to the words “Casey Research” on the old Google machine all the time, would you. Oh, which reminds me: According to blogger back office these are the top four most used search terms on IKN in the last hour:
hits  %        term
8 11.59% ikn
7 10.14% casey scam
5 7.25% casey research scam
3 4.35% ikn otto

DYODD, dude.

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