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IKN welcomes the ECU Silver (ECU.to) supporter’s club

Ah, what a pleasure to return to the interwebnetpipes this evening after an afternoon non-interwebnetpipes and find that the ECU Silver (ECU.to) fan club, Mexico Mike’s loyal band of freakshows that fill up bullboards with non-stop Pavlovian responses, has decided to take issue with this humble scribe’s more realistic view on the stock and send over mails and comments and stuff. Favourite (without swear words) so far is from someone that goes by the name of “dickin” (as in ‘about’, presumably) who works in a Canadian real estate company. It goes like this:

Uh..Great.You. Dont. Know. Mining.

All makes sense now. There is more than just a balance sheet that decides valuations in the industry. Stick to your numbers and stay away from mining; your opinions are influencing your intellect.

Uff, that’ll learn me.

Now I’ve tried Dickin, but I really can’t work out what “your opinions are influencing your intellect” actually means, care to enlighten? Anyway, while I’m pondering your riddle here’s a 12 month chart for you and your fuzzy pals to chew over (hint: look at the blue line)

(click to enlarge)

And here’s another: Same comparative set, but this time a two year timescale (hint: same blue line, people)
(click to enlarge)

70% down in two years? Oh dear. Keep ignoring those balance sheets, y’all!

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