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IKN welcomes the Eric Sprott Covid-19 Truther Brigade

This humble corner of cyberspace welcomes the newly found attention of the mouthbreathers who have come to believe confused and doddering Canadian multimillionaire Eric Sprott is the fountain of all wisdom (as well as other such pearls, e.g. ZeroHedge is the 21st Century’s Bible). We at IKN Nerve Centre are pleased that these dregs of society turned their collective attention to our pages and are now sending in long, rambling missives explaining the truth, because the more time Eric’s trolls spend around me, the less they have for more vulnerable or naive people who might take anything vomited from their bitter and twisted imaginations as even approximations to the truth.
Eric Sprott, you really are a danger to society these days. All talk, no backbone to admit when you are wrong, a thuggish band of troglodytes as sycophants. You should be damned well ashamed of yourself for propagating lies about Covid-19. You should be ashamed of lying about having read all the literature when you most obviously have not. Shame on you.

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