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IKN644 features QC Copper & Gold (QCCU.v)

QC Copper & Gold (QCCU.v) is a small exploreco we’ve been following over at The IKN Weekly this year, your humble scribe having picked up some shares around six months ago, cost average of just over 20c. Since then QCCU has been buffetted by the same winds as the rest of the sector, but on Monday delivered the type of news that separates worthy explorecos from the crud and mediocrity of the herd. As such, it’s only logical that we take a good, hard look at this budding success story in IKN644 this weekend. It’s one thing to start a trade on the right footing, quite another to make serious money from it and, with the former now in place, we get to think about the potential of a big win.

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