Win us with honest trifles

I’m not a liar, Eric Coffin

However, you are a paid pumper of stocks and a sick, twisted individual who rips off his own client base in order to support explorecos run by friends who kick you back cash for the pleasure. The fact you don’t like your depraved way of doing business known by a wider public isn’t that surprising so we can debate the IKN style of messaging if you want, as long as we can also debate the substance. And aside from your own scams such as NRN, just imagine if you were totally honest about your business plan when writing disclosure:

  • Company approaches Scott Gibson, pays him money
  • Scott Gibson approaches you, pays you money
  • You begin coverage on the company

Any potential conflicts there, Eric?


    Speaking of friends spinning yarns to snare the gullible . Looks like they got both of their tits in the ringer with V.VTT Vendetta ( who came up with the name anyway ? ) . That hall of shame fiasco must have been intentional as they couldn’t have been so stupid .


      Dude, it’s impossible to keep up with the number of side deals these merchants run. Well, in fact it isn’t, but these days i prefer to have a life. Just label them and move on.


    VTT is one that Eric actually got hit with a bucket of his own shit .


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