idle and fond bondage

I’m not here to make friends, Alex

Anyone who writes about this most sordid of sectors and doesn’t make enemies of rich thugs are yellow-streaked, cowardly, milquetoast sycophantic lackeys and Jeb Handwerger is a classic example. Being hated by mining Twitter is a compliment, you people are disgusting pigs and a bane on society. And while on the subject, do yourself a favour and never tell Kai Hoffmann anything personal, he’s not just the type of scum who’ll gleefully tell your enemies after, he’ll even charge them money for the gossip.

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    By the way scumbags, this desk gets a real kick from the way you dumb idiots write long comments. I trash them immediately and laugh hard, thinking about all that effort you put in, all for naught. Nobody will ever read your words.


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