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I’m raising the price of The IKN Weekly

There’s a raft of new subscribers recently arrived at The IKN Weekly and, by the way things look, the neophyte end of the casino punters has started to arrive with them. The blog is the blog, but that is something we do not want at The IKN Weekly so I’m going to do something I haven’t done for eight or nine years and put the prices up. Here’s the gig:
  • In two weeks’ time, the subscription goes to U$50/month and the annual U$500.
  • New subscribers before then get the current $40 or $400 rates, as preferred.
  • All subscribers already on board in two weeks’ time, both new and old, are grandfathered at their current rate so don’t fret, ladies and gents, I’m not after any more of your money.
Bottom line: The IKN Weekly will be more expensive soon because it doesn’t want your custom. If you want a screaming juniors tipsheet go somewhere else, we try to be serious and don’t need dumbos on their personal learning curves ruining bids and asks for the rest of us. On the other hand, if you’ve been thinking about signing up consider this a nudge (but don’t take the annual unless you mean it).

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