Win us with honest trifles

Imagine if in 2022, a nuclear-armed nation invaded a neighbouring country…

…and nobody cared?


    I presume at some point it will become obvious to you (as opposed to just everyone else) that you dont understand the trading behavior of gold? lol


    Imagine that it’s August 2011 and gold is at 1900 and your neighborhood psychic tells you everything that’s going to happen over the next 11 years EXCEPT the price of gold. Then fast-forward to today, see the price remains at 1900, but you still have no intention of throwing your gold theories into the garbage.


    Gold is a bankster asset, they “set” The price for it because they own most of it collectively. Gold would be $100000 per Oz or more if we could ban banksters from owning it, and outlaw scams like COMEX.


    Ha, no fist shaking just explaining . But perhaps you are right, IKN too sophisticated for my take. I suppose you know better why gold is only 1900.


    Says the man who ravaged Eric sprott for saying covid came from a lab, in the early days of the scamdemic. Have you appologized to him and your readers yet.


    Up $65 and 4% as the time of my comment.

    Crude is up 8%. So I would say that the mkt in gold did notice.

    Your comment was just impatient.


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