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Important information for any women working at Fission 3.0 (FUU.v)

“...in April of 2020, the Canadian Women’s Foundation released the “Signal for Help” on Twitter. To do the signal, simply place your thumb inside the palm of the hand then wrap your fingers around your thumb like a fist–and that’s it.”

You may have heard in the news that the signal adopted in 2020 has since been picked up and popularized on TikTok. Due to that, this weekend a 16 year old girl who had been abducted by a 61 year old man was able to use the distress signal and attract the attention of another driver, who recognized it and contacted the police. Those smart and attentive police officers then tracked and eventually rescued the girl from the car, arresting the driver and saving the girl from whatever the lascivious and perverted old man had in mind. Here’s an officer showing you how to do the signal:

All women working at Fission 3.0 would do well to memorize this information.


    So the Black Power/Revolution signal is now the distress signal? Sort of like the universal OK signal is now the Hate Signal? etc
    Modrun Tymes are so confusing it’s hard to keep up.


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