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In Gold We Trust

Gold Porn!
Earlier this week A. Person kindly sent over a 71 page report published by The Ernst Group (bigboy money house in Austria) in June 2010 called “In Gold We Trust”. To give you an idea of the yummy goldbug content on offer, here are the bullet points from the front page:

  • Gold outsparkling other assets for the 9th consecutive year
  • The bark is repaired, but the wood stays rotten
  • Soft metal, hard money: the REMONETISATION has started
  • Why gold is no bubble
  • The creation of money from the perspective of the Austrian School of Economics
  • Risk/return profile of gold investments remains very favorable
  • Gold mining shares on attractive levels
  • Central banks have adjusted their attitude towards gold
  • Next phase of the bull market: Parabolic phase ahead?
  • Next target price at USD 1,600
  • At the end of the parabolic trend phase we expect at least USD 2,300/ounce
Yes indeed, this is serious gold love-in material and, snark aside, it really does do a good job in putting forward the gold bull rationale with decent arguments and statistical structure. You too can download your 1.67Mb copy by clicking this link right here. Goldbugs will lap up every word, but the more normally-adjusted will also benefit greatly from reading this report too. Enjoy.

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