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In-house note: I’m not back on Twitter

Thank you for the multiple alerts, you know who you are. Some yo-yo has decided to pretend they are me on Twitter, set up a false account etc. It’s not me, I’m never going back to Twitter and as the occasion now arises, I’ll tell you why.

The reason I left was mostly growing boredom with the medium, but the catalyst was the latest round of censorship meted out by the nefarious Jack. And please note, those who pigeonhole me as a raving lefty, the censorship that tipped the balance was against the far right wing. I could see what was coming, I’d had enough, said as much and here we are a couple of years later with Jack continuing to muzzle his favourite ex-Prez, the one who made him the most money. Say what you want about Orange Stupid (and I do), but I nailed the call on Twitter and be clear, it’s only going to get worse.

Leaving Twitter is one thing, staying away is another and once you put social media down (WhatsApp remains, not on anywhere else), you suddenly realize how much time you used to throw directly down the toilet on a daily basis. As for what I now do with that time fear not, you’re not getting an annoying list of Wonderful-Things-In-The-Lives-Of-Others because IKN isn’t Instagram either, I’ll merely mention that the rediscovery of books and real reading is enough to keep me away from Twitter and all its minions forever.

So if you care enough (I don’t), feel free to report the purveyor of fake news who showed up today, pretending to be me on Twitter. Not me, not going back, the end.


    Digger Stewart, BC 25/01/21 5:34 pm

    Social media seems to have 2 current uses, there are infinitely more but these are the 2 I feel are most prevalent at the moment, in no particular order

    1) to show how smart you are
    2) to get others angry about what you are curreny angry about.

    Im not that smart so use 1 is not helpful to me and I am a recovering rageholic so use 2 is detrimental to me.


    Can u imagine there is someone who thinks about you so much to spend their time on a plot like that?

    Whatever u did to get under that lizards skin, keep it up.


    Hey Mark, where’s 609? If you need some help, here’s one that you might relate to:


    I used to waste my time ranting against the basement dwellers on ZeroEdge until the hypocrites banned me. I soon realized that being banned from that cesspool was the best thing that ever happened to me.


      Many of the articles are worthwhile, but the comments section is generally a waste of time because the useful comments are few and far between.


    Good for you. I left it now too and agree wholeheartedly with your sentiments.


    i now know who my secret conservative contacts are… the ones that told me they were switching to signal and suggested I do the same


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