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In-house post: The daily mailer list, comments, etc

A brief post to highlight a couple of issues, starting with this:

When the changeover happened, nearly all the e-mail addresses on the list to receive the Daily Digest (all posts sent to your mailbox the next day) made it, but a few seem to have been dropped. If that’s your case and you’d like to receive the Daily Mailer again, with apologies for the nuisance the way forward is to sign up again, in the box top right.

Now a change in Comments policy, because aside from anything written by the internet pondscum Daryl McAskill, there is now one other category of comments that gets deleted automatically: If you decide that the most important thing in your life is to give details of The IKN Weekly contents to non-subscribers, the very least you can do is not walk into my house and do it while holding a megaphone and urinating on the living room carpet. Feel free to complain to the UN High Commission on Human Rights if this has affected your week.

Finally and to answer a couple of mailers, yes the Comments section is here to stay. Also, on reviewing the 280 or so left to date (23 are mine) it’s notable how comments posed in a civil tone get more replies. There are no Sacred Cows at IKN so we’ll take your two cents’ worth about whatever you want, your author very much included, but do it with a few neurons on display.


    Why do I have to pay $500 a year to find out you just figured out TSLA is a short?


    Good point. And the super secret silver inside info: it’s going to $300/oz


    I bet no one has told you that you were wrong about silver yet today!

    ralph Wilsonville 09/10/20 2:09 pm

    Probably not as wrong as he’s (going to be) about gold going to 2000 again before the end of the year…


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