More matter with less art

In other news

100% agreed with VancVenture on Timmins Gold (TMM.to) (TGD). In the same vein, I chuckled at Torex (TXG.to) and its A-Team of Canadian rockstars grasping at the first window to pull in their favours with BMO and run a $125m bot deal yesterday.
Iwnattos guesses at the price that Rio Alto (RIO.to) (RIOM) might pull back to now that the hot money jocks have had their fun. Personally I don’t have the slightest clue, but his at least sounds logical (in that special charty way).
Biiwii had a darned good rant this morning about the new crop of stupid goldtalk coming from the mainstream. Well worth your time, a reminder of just how little the market movers know and why it pays to listen to them…then fade the dumbasses.
Lastly, the important stuff: Here’s a photo taken by your humble scribe last week of cocoa beans drying in a tinytown main square, northern Peru.
It was a hot day.

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