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In praise of Bob Moriarty

He’s a moaning old codger.
His website is a throwback to internet 1.0 in 1998.
He’s not a geologist but he’s one of these annoying characters who pretends to be one.
He uses the “sponsored coverage” model that’s often little more than sector whoredom.
He’s a racist anti-Semite* and his views on humanity make me want to throw up.
He and I have even had our own run-ins and crossed words in times past.

But my stars, he’s good at metals and mining. Not only that, he’s been doing this corner of the capital markets world on the internet longer than anyone else.
Opinionated and sometimes wrong, but never afraid of sticking his views on the line.
Nails far more winners to losers and what I really like is that he’ll rail against his own sponsor companies if they don’t live up to previous promises and expectations.

And he’s not above his own pride, he knows when good work has been done by people who have previously crossed him and won’t let his past opinions influence that.

He’s also (or so we are told) flown a plane under the arches of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. If only for that, he needs serious kudos.


*I’ll leave my counter on this score to somebody far more intelligent than I, Christopher Hitchens, “Because antisemitism is the godfather of racism
and the gateway to tyranny and fascism and war, it is to be regarded not
as the enemy of the Jewish people, I learned, but as the common enemy
of humanity and of civilization, and has to be fought against very
tenaciously for that reason
And before you trot out your preferred “definition of a Semite” that tries to turn the whole argument on its head Bob, that’s a old fucking trope and only people without and education fall for it so fuck off already.

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