Win us with honest trifles

In The IKN Weakly this Sunday…

Once upon a time Rick Rule used to encourage me to market the Weakly more; he never really understood why I wanted to keep it small, without trying to cream as many retail nodding donkey subs as possible when the market gets hot. “They all go away complaining again, anyway”, he says. These days he just wants me to shut up, which is a much healthier state of affairs.

…in The IKN Weakly this Sunday, IKN631, we’ll be taking a closer look at Argonaut Gold (AR.to) because, even though I’ve written it up recently and pointed to it over the last two editions of my badly written rag*, I don’t think I’ve done a good enough job of explaining its potential at this point in the cycle, mid-2021. So, instead of largely narrative on the company this time it’s numbers, we need to ‘endow this strategy call better with higher-grade quant backbone’, as they say at Canaccord these days. Argonaut Gold (AR.to) is a clear buy compared to mid-cap gold producer peers and it’s time to explain why, that’s IKN631 on Sunday.

The IKN Weakly: Making smart people cringe with embarrassment since 2009

*Copyright Kai Hoffmann


    If Rick Rule had a coat of arms, the scroll would read: “Like this stock at $5? Love it at 50¢”


    The truth is Rick Rule knew when to fold ’em.


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