More matter with less art

In The IKN Weekly this Sunday

Rick Rule tells me I’m abysmal at marketing and in fact, he’s right. Thing is, I’ve never wanted an audience attracted by rah-rah marketing that comes, doesn’t get what it wants in three weeks (i.e. a double on its money) and then pisses off to slag the service on social media. So it’s always been the soft marketing route, this way there’s less churn, more discerning readers and fewer dumbasses jumping on (they can subscribe to Casey Research, after all it’s what they deserve).

Oh crap, I’m losing the point of this. Okay, anyway this weekend subscribers to The IKN Weekly get to read about my recent site visit to Contact Gold (C.v), which was more interesting than I expected. We also crunch numbers on several companies that have just filed their Q2 financials and laugh together about the amount of money we’ve lost this week due to our collective addiction to junior mining stocks. Oh what fun. So subscribe as well, I promise to send you a crapload of back copies if you do. In that way you’ll see how lucky you were not to have subscribed months ago.

How am I doing, Rick? Do I need Porter’s proofreaders and legal team?

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