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In The IKN Weekly this weekend…

…LatAm regional politics takes a front seat, with several South American countries out with significant legislative moves for their respective mining industries. Chile is grabbing headlines in the English language trade press, what with the handover of power to Gabriel Boric set for tomorrow Friday and its Constitutional Assembly making anti-mining headlines, but once you scratch the surface it’s clear the upcoming Boric government isn’t going to be a threat to the country’s mining industry.

As it happens, this desk believes the mining world should care more about what’s happening to the mining sectors of other S.Am countries, rather than Chile and its somewhat misunderstood handover. It’s a mixed bag of news too, with some countries moving to friendlier terms with mining while others have anti-mining sentiment on the rise. The split might surprise you, too:

  • Friendlier this week: Peru, Argentina
  • Unfriendlier this week: Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia

And of course there will be thoughts on the rapidly changing world scene for metals prices, plus our normal coverage of company news all worked around a new and novel house sleep pattern. Catch you Sunday evening, subbers.

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