Take physic, pomp

In The IKN Weekly this weekend…

…we turn our attention to Newcore Gold Inc (NCAU.v), a modest personal holding that took a wholesale dump this week on its resource update NR that didn’t please the market. The move has turned a paper winner into a paper loser, but our job is to play the hand as dealt.

A deserved waterfall that will only get worse? Unlucky timing in a tough market? Way oversold and an obvious bargain? There are always three options for any trade at any given moment, buy/hold/sell, it’s time to choose one of those for NCAU.


    Bet you’d get a kick out of cerrado gold’s deal to acquire a ‘non-arms length’ iron/vanadium company.. jr mining at its best


      I looked at it and scratched my head…just weird. Then again, not the first time weirdness has broken out in this sector. And the company is based on the sale of a Cristina Kirchner money launder vehicle so anything is possible. Was untouchable from the start, will remain so.


    Newcore a buy at these levels? Insiders are buying


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