Take physic, pomp

In which Janet Shelton’s gold bug credentials are examined and is also called “a hack”

This Vox piece from about a month ago on the new POTUS pick for the Fed. An excerpt:

Perhaps most tellingly, when the Financial Times interviewed her for a May 31 article about her monetary policy views,
she chose to conduct the interview at the Trump Hotel in Washington,
DC. She also suggested that Mar-a-Lago might be an ideal place to host
her proposed international conference on the gold standard. She’s
saying, in other words, that she’s a Trump loyalist beyond all else. And
while on one level she should be more confirmable than Moore or Cain,
having already received Senate confirmation for her current
lower-profile job, she poses all the same risks of politicization and
lost independence as the other two.

Full thing here.

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