More matter with less art

In which TXRogers begins to realize the trouble he is in

Right here on this link with some impressive mental gymnastics on display. Even more impressively, he manages to write all that and also gleefully claims on repeated occasions that I have sex with children.


    Not following you on this one Mark. Where does TXRogers repeatedly claim that you have sex with children? I have not seen even one instance. Can you provide a link?


      They have been provided to lawyers. They used phrases like “prima facie” to cover their backs, but we’re in agreement on the case. Really no need to explain this to you or to anyone else in a comments section.


        Ok so you have proof? Is the proof available on Google?


          Oh dear, another person lacking English comprehension skills. Tel me Jan, what part of “Really no need to explain this to you or to anyone else in a comments section” was difficult? Can I help you with any of the words?


            No need to explain Turner, I caught your drift. But I have to say, you have a pretty short fuse, not to mention ultra thin skin for a guy that spends all his time being a critic of others while posting on your site.

            And regarding Tx, I’d be careful. I’ve read somewhere something about Tx being a decorated officer that served years with the Sandline’s. Had a reputation for brilliance and ruthlessness. Tx operated in Belfast during the Troubles. I’d be careful if I were you.

            If you are going to dish out like you do, you should grow a pair and be prepared to take it when you are the subject of other’s criticism. Grow some balls Turner.

            Why don’t you post on Stockhouse directly to address Tx. You can get a lot from a response, assuming it’s even addressed.

            The implied threats of physical violence are never far away, are they? Your mother must be proud of you, threatening people you don’t know over the internet because they speak the truth about your poor trades.

            Why snap at people who are on your side? And, no, TXRogers won’t face any consequences despite your chest puffing bluster. It’s cute, but it’s nonsense. Refer to Elon Musk case recently. If he skated, so will this jackass on SH. But keep up the silliness. Hey, is Dev in prison yet?

        This is the stuff geeks would say after they got beat up for fights they picked… running away with a bleeding nose screaming back about how they’re going to sue.


    Tx Rogers is wrong to make “that” type of anonymous accusation. Thats pretty weak.

    Otto throws lots of rocks but gets surprised when people throw back, whether wrong or not.

    But a man should defend his honor. Tx is a lot more wrong.

    Im the big winner as I found out stockhouse still exists.


    “Tx being a decorated officer that served years with the Sandline’s. Had a reputation for brilliance and ruthlessness. Tx operated in Belfast during the Troubles. ”

    Oohh scary



    Nothing like some drama. This is better than Absolutely Fabulous.

    In the end this is all a fight for attention, and money. As everything is on the internet. Hopefully there will be justice.

    Otto, you know your worth. Go to the courts trenches, send the lawyers in, fight it out, but focus on value here. Please don’t litter your great blog with nonsense. Set up a royaldutchshellplc.com equivalent for Stockhouse, or those users… and ship the related content over there.


      This is the politest way of saying give it a rest it’s making the blog unreadable that I have ever seen. Don’t be afraid of this guys snarky remarks. Tell him how you really feel. I enjoyed the blog until it got downright childish too.


    This is so petty… Its cringeworthy. I guess the drama brings readers to this site. Gotta stay relevant somehow. If you lose friends and allies harping on people obviously more successful than yourself (Sprott). I guess you have to get down in the trenches and attack stockhouse posters. Appreciate the win on NGD, it balances my loses so far on MIRL. I’ll be unsubscribing. I’m sure I’m not the only one embarrassed for you Otto.


      I’m guessing you’re in the minority here… most of us are sitting back and enjoying the show.


        Don’t forget your torches and pitchforks! Bring your rain boots to wade through the mud and cow dung.

        Not surprised that on this blog there’s a group dying to see some blood on the streets while a drunk and the village loud mouth duel it out. Depends on the demographic you’re trying to capture. An audience exists for pretty much anything on TV these days. Unfortunately, the sophisticated group quietly exits the room when the springer show comes on.


          You’ve posted seven times on this topic… If you’re the sophisticated group – you won’t be missed.


    Just take a step back and look at the forest from the trees…. you have a newsletter writer (with many terrible picks) relishing in the glory of another newsletters failure all while calling the CEO P.T Barnum and spitting on his reputation. Meanwhile the other writer angry and upset is accusing the first of being a wife beating pedophile. Which in turn he gets mad about and says he’s calling a lawyer because he feels it’s defaming his good name. This is normal?


      Think about how many truly self respecting educated people would even want to bear witness to this. Keep in mind, those with real money to spend on stocks tend to fall in that category. The clout this blog once had in the investment community is slowly disappearing into the fog and in its place stand the retail mom and pop penny flippers. It’s unfortunate, but I guess it brings in the subscriptions.


      Just take a step back and look at the forest from the trees…. There’s a guy who tells us he’s disgusted with the way his preferred blog for titillation and entertainment has moved away from his personal tastes and spends time every day telling us about it. On the blog he dislikes. This is normal?


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