idle and fond bondage

In which we consider the combined effects of the Crestview Exploration (CRS.cse) scam, toerag CEOs and anatidae

“If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, we have
 at least to consider the possibility that we have a small 
aquatic bird of the family anatidae on our hands.”
Douglas Adams
Further to the post of last week on the disgusting pump job perpetrated around Crestview Exploration (CRS.cse), as the company today put out another pumpy looking NR on its activities (picking up a rathole mine property a mile away from their main gig) I decided to take a closer look at the company. Ladies and gents, your CEO:

Gotta love the experienced communications messenger who cannot spell his own corporate title correctly. Then just leaves it there on the website for a couple of years. However, one of the classic early signals of dubious exploreco activity is when the officer biographies are deliberately vague and lacking in details. No names of previous companies, no number of years of experience, things like that. Always one that should catch your eye, so when you check into the background of Glen Watson
…it suddenly all makes sense. Smallcappower and Ubika Research are pay-to-play pumphouses that specialize in accepting five figure cheques from junior mining companies and then extolling the virtues of their worthless paper and scamming retail sheep. That is the MO and the mentality of the person in charge of Crestview Exploration, a company that also uses nefarious Covid-19 scare tactics to promote itself and then, when the regulators come calling, claim absolute innocence. Glen Watson should be in jail, not in charge of a public traded company, the deceitful, two-faced toerag.

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