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In which your author rants about things without using any swear words

This made me laugh. Some dude over at Stockhouse linked over to my note on True Gold (TGM.v) yesterday by writing this on the company bullboard:
You”ll notice immediately how your average retail market player feels it necessary to apologize to the members of his psychological support group (you may recognize its alternative title more readily, “Bullboard of Heavily Promoted And Deeply Underwater Mining Stock”) because the author in question is “habitually negative”.
Here’s a suggestion: Instead of “habitually negative”, let’s go for “has firm grasp on reality when it comes to the junior mining world”. People, have a good hard stare at this chart:
That’s five years…AH SAID FIVE YEARS…of the TSX Venture Exchange Index versus the S&P500. And in that five years yes indeed madam and yes indeed sir, your author and this humble corner of cyberspace has been “habitually negative” about the junior mining sector, the companies it houses, the people therein. I mean, got an idea as to why that might be yet? Meanwhile…
  • Canadian brokerages continue with a coverage universe recommendation 95% buys, 4% holds, 1% sells.
  • Mouthbreather central websites run by and for the corrupt rich folk in Vancouver (yes CEO CA that’s you, but sadly you’re not the only ones out there) tell you that fame and riches are just around the corner, not just now today but in September 2012, March 2013, August 2014 etc etc ad infin.
  • Places at the very bottom of the foodchain such as the unreadable waste of time that is Stockhouse band together the losers and if anyone dare tell them anything that doesn’t suit their fantasy narratives they’re immediately branded “bashers” and placed on ignore.
  • Company IR departments are all yeah for sure it’s been tough but hang in there guy, things are getting better and…you know the rest.
  • Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

And among all this jam tomorrow nonsense spewed at you by people who do not care whether you live or die, let alone make it to be rich or poor by playing the market as long as they get theirs first, there are a few small squeaky voices such as IKN* who have the temerity to inform you on the negative aspects of the junior mining world. 
And if you read them and find something of use, you feel the need apologize before passing on the info.

*Yes there are others, but not many. I wish there were more.

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