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Incident Investigation: Be prepared with this free webinar

When companies experience unexpected incidents, the legal aspects that arise can be bewildering and nerve-wracking. But smart people don’t wait for something bad to happen and then desperately play catchup on the very large pitfalls they can fall into. Smarter executives (which obviously includes you as you read IKN) get wise and get prepared before the event.

Also, smarter executives get their information for free instead of paying top dollar for superfluous consultancies. So here’s the deal below, people: USA and Canada residents can use this link to request a 100% free, gratis and for nothing webinar to learn all about this important and often ignored area of corporate life. Your star will be in the ascendeny in your company if you have the knowledge to instruct others and save a company from making large, expensive legal errors. Read on for the details, put your request in and get yourself empowered at zero cost.



Explore the world of legality and how to avoid serious errors that impairs an organization’s ability to defend its position when incidents lead to legal action.
What you will learn by tuning into the Legal Aspects of Incident Investigation Webinar?

  • Importance of competent initial response
  • Statements that can help or hurt the organization
  • Use of digital photography
  • Pitfalls regarding recording of and preparation of written witness statements
  • Preservation of chain of custody for physical evidence
  • Management of an evidence locker
  • Statutes of limitations
  • Spoliation of evidence
  • Document handling
  • Investigation-report writing
  • Question and answer period

Who Should Watch It?

Anyone with responsibility for incident investigation in the United States or where American law is applied will benefit from this FREE Webinar. Even many experienced investigators are not well-versed in the legal pitfalls that can ensnare the unwary investigator, and there are many presented under American law.

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Presenter: Kathy Adams

Publisher: DNV Industry

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