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Incredible! Peru’s despicable Madre de Dios gold production now accounts for 16% of country production

 It’s getting worse and worse in the Amazon Basin of Peru.

We’ve been through this dirty little secret before, and how it’s kept away from the news media by the lying scumbags running Peru, with numbers and photos of the ecological disaster they’ve created while pretending to care about the decimation in the Amazon Basin.
Well, September’s gold production numbers out of Peru take this shame to new lows. Here’s the amount of gold from Madre De Dios, with last month’s massive increase clear to see. IT’S GONE UP 26.3% IN JUST ONE MONTH, FER CRYIN’ OUT LOUD!

Here’s the chart that tracks what percentage of Peru’s gold comes form this most disgusting of mining areas. It’s incredible….that ecological trainwreck now provides 16% of the country’s gold! Vomitworthy.

Is it only little me that cares about this? When will a real, mainstream media reporter get round to picking up on this story and giving it the airtime it so urgently needs?

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