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Although it doesn’t come up much on the blog these days, your humble scribe still keeps a close eye on what company insiders are doing. So as a slight return here are three examples from this week.

Treasury Metals (TML) has seen buying, most recently from head honcho Henderson. A stock that’s been kicked down the valuation scale along with the most of them, but more significantly one of the companies run the right way by industry good guys who aren’t trying to rip the market off at the first possible opportunity. TML also has a decent asset or two with real gold intercepts (though deep).

Trevali (TV) insiders are acting the same as all Cardero Group company insiders and selling shares on the pop. Seriously, it’s like catnip for these people, can’t possibly resist a quick scalp can you dudes? The weird thing about Cardero companies is that the market falls for their soft soap bullshit every single time (for another example, look at the way they’ve roped in people to the Corvus story….for anyone who remembers how they sold International Tower Hill to the world it’s just deja vu all over again).
Similarly, Dynacor Gold (DNG) is playing sold to you suckah! on any chance to turn their paper into dollars, which again shouldn’t come as much surprise considering the pumpo set-up and true believer.Mind you, they haven’t managed to rope in any market commentator of great worth as yet. Only Lobito.
It’s worth keeping an eye on insider activity, leopards and spots and all that.

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