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Integra Resources (ITR.v): Dave Kranzler will love today’s news

The self-appointed expert on mining, Dave Kranzler, needs some remedial maths lessons. Or a pocket calculator. Or some batteries for his old one, or something. Meanwhile, I need to start poking around the interwebnetpipes more often because while at a loose end this afternoon and thinking about Integra Resources (ITR.v) NR this morning, came across this gem from February 15th 2022 when the original and now officially trashed Integra Resources (ITR.v) PFS came out and got the inevitable negative response from the market:

How would you like your fillet of hubris cooked, sir? Medium rare? Fries or salad?

And to make sure we all understand the context…

…opportunity cost is a thing, Dave. Maybe you should mention that to your newsletter subscribers.


    Kranzler’s been shorting Tesla since the low $hundreds – at least that’s what he’s been recommending in his newsletter for YEARS.


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