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Interested in mining issues? In Argentina? In exposing hackneyed political bias in reporting? A deeper perspective of LatAm regional politics? How a multinational like Vale works and thinks?

If so, then this piece on the Rio Colorado potash mining project in Argentina, owned by Vale (VALE) and recently put on ice, will definitely be of interest to you. Author Colin Docherty brings a lot of nuance and perspective to a story that’s been reported widely but analyzed badly so far and although I think Argentina’s position in the affair isn’t quite as innocent as the article makes out (for example, most reports say Argentina had previously agreed at an informal level to stump up the cash for the rail transport connection to the potash mine, so when they decided not to play ball on that aspect, Vale’s prospective capex bill inflated before their very eyes) it’s certainly a deeper and better article on Argentina, mining biz and the way things work (or don’t) down this neck of the woods than the usual superficial tosh you get to read about LatAm in English.
It’s a very good article, recommended reading. Link here.

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