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Internet use in LatAm, 2010

The annual Latinobarómetro survey is one place you can really get your wonk on about LatAm, with tons of stats and surveys covering Tijuana, Tierra Del Fuego and all points in between (download yours here). Sadly, the locally based dumbass hacks (they refer to themselves as the English language reporters of Latin American affairs) only ever use it for one thing; 1) scan for any mention of how many babies Hugo Chávez eats per day etc 2) report on that 3) ignore the rest cos it’s like REALLY big that report and you can hardly expect me to read it all…got fruityrumpunches to drink, like.
But dig deeper and there’s a wealth of information in the Latinobarómetro report, such as this chart below (data on page 99) that shows just what percentage of each country’s population has never ever even once used the internet or e-mail.

You’d expect the poorer regional countries to have a low percentage, but even in the more advanced LatAm states there’s clearly plenty of slack left to take up. By way of another stat to illustrate the continued low-ish penetration from the other end of the usage spectrum, in 2010 13% of LatAm connects to the internet every day, up from 11% in 2008.

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